I think you'll agree, there's nothing better than a story from a complete stranger. It's an opportunity to get your story out there while remaining anonymous.
If you'd like to share your story with the OBE community - get in touch with me.
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What's your first name, stranger?

Your name can be real or made up. It's better than saying it's a story from some nameless stranger. Don't you think?
What's your story? *

I look forward to reading about your OBE experience. I may have to edit for length when I post it to the blog. Try to keep the story 500 words or less.

And remember - no two OBE experiences are the same - so don't judge your experience against any of mine or anyone else.

By sending me (Allie Theiss) your story you give me permission to publish it in my work about OBE/Out of Body Ecstasy/OBE sex.
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